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Welcome to
Prairie View
Ever since its royal Chinese
beginning, the sole purpose of
the Shih Tzu has been to be a
companion.  That's why we put
emphasis on encouraging
affectionate personalities from
our shih tzu puppies.  Our shih
tzu puppies have been raised in
the peaceful countryside of
Central Illinois, and have been
well socialized with adults as
well as our children.
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We Are Proud to be HONORED and VERIFIED by United Online Pure Breeders as a Top Ilinois Shih Tzu

Our home state of Illinois
has the record for the
most Shihtzu adoptions so
far from Prairie View's
Shihtzu!  People from
Illinois have found our
shihtzu puppies for sale,
visited our home, fell in
love with our loveable
shihtzu puppies, and have
welcomed our shihtzu
puppies into their homes
and families.  A big
"thank you" to the many
people from Illinois that
have given our shihtzu
puppies such wonderful
new homes.  While some
people have searched our
shihtzu puppies for sale in
Illinois out on the internet,
many others have been
referred to us from other
Illinois families that have
enjoyed our shihtzu
puppies and have
appreciated dealing with a
reputable shihtzu breeder
in Illinois.

In the state of Illinois, the
largest majority of our
shihtzu puppies for sale
have been placed into
homes in Chicago and
surrounding suburbs.  We
have enjoyed meeting
everyone from Chicago
that has made the short
trip to our home and
visited our shihtzu
puppies for sale near
Chicago.  Most Chicago
families have come to our
home, but we have also
hand delivered puppies to
Chicago homes if the new
owner has requested it.  
There is a small delivery
fee for delivering our
shihtzu puppies for sale in
Chicago.  Anyone from
Chicago that is interested
in our shihtzu puppies for
sale should feel free to
give us a call.  We'd love
to discuss our shihtzu
puppies for sale with new
Chicago families.  We
would also love to receive
photos or comments from
any Chicago family that
has adopted one of our
shihtzu puppies for sale in
the past.

Our neighboring state of
Indiana also has homed
quite a few of our shihtzu
puppies for sale.  Indiana
residents are generally
close enough to come and
visit our shihtzu puppies
for sale in person to
choose the right shihtzu
puppy for them.  We are
happy to have many of
our shihtzu puppies for
sale in Indiana.  We've
enjoyed meeting our
Indiana customers, and
look forward to meeting
more people from Indiana
in the future.

Each of our Shih Tzu puppies for
sale is raised to be a wonderful
companion and is only waiting to be
adopted into your family!  As a
reputable Shih Tzu breeder in
Illinois, our Shih Tzu puppies will go
to good homes only!

Prices quoted are for pet only.  Please state if
you want full registration.

Purchasing a Puppy

If you're interested in one of our shih tzu
puppies, please
contact us.  If you're unsure
of which shih-tzu puppy you're interested
in, we can help you decide based on the
traits and qualities you're looking for in a

You are welcome to set up a time to come
and visit us and our shih tzu puppies for
sale in Illinois.  (No Sunday appointments)  
If you are unable to come and visit, we do
ship to most major airports in the US.  
Shipping is an additional $300.

Our Shih Tzu puppies for sale are healthy to
the best of our knowledge, and have
received the best of preventative well-puppy
care.  Each Shih Tzu puppy:

*  Will be current on all vaccinations.

*  Will come with a one year Replacement Guarantee
against any genetic defects.

*  Will have AKC registration papers

*  Will be given a Puppy Care Package containing a
sample of food and helpful information on raising a
healthy, happy puppy.

*  Check our list of
Shih Tzu puppy supplies to be prepared
for your new puppy before it comes home.

If shipping your puppy:

*  A fleece blanket with the mother's scent will be included
with the airline approved carrier.
Learn about the Shih Tzu breed at  Shih Tzu puppies are
hypoallergenic puppies that normally
do well for those with allergies.  We are
a family based Shih tzu breeder with
Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Illinois
and, particularly, Shih Tzu puppies for
sale in Chicago area.